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In addition to fitness, another great passion of Lee is to teach Michael Jackson Style, a discipline inspired by the figure and the dance style of the King of Pop.

Imitate his unique way of dancing and moving on stage is not as easy as it seems.

For this reason, since the age of 10 years has devoted and still devoted himself entirely to the study of the style and of the steps that have always distinguished him.

This led him later also to teach this dance style, this way of being so unique and passionate, and to convey the love and passion that Michael Jackson has always had and demonstrated, in life and on stage.


MJ STYLE CHANNEL - is a space designed by Lee Jackson impersonator. is dedicated to studying the steps of dance, and the unique style of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Lee Jackson, His passion for Michael Jackson began the first time he saw him, at the age of five. He was just a kid, but he soon became a big Michael Jackson fan.

Lee began to dance, to study every step trying to imitate the King of Pop.
Hi felt the music of MJ inside himself and decided that he wanted to dance for the rest of his life. He motivation and your dreams have taken you all over the world.

From Mexico, the Bahamas, Argentina, Usa and Europe, winning all the dance competitions of Michael Jackson in which he participated.

He then moved to Italy, where he decided to share his talent by teaching "MJ STYLE" to all who wanted to learn how to dance like the King of Pop.

Lee Jackson's MJ STYLE school is now a place for MJ fans to get together, learn and feel at home, since 2010.

While Lee continues to spread his passion and style of the king of pop around the world, he currently performs two classes a week in the city of Milan a basic and intermediate level in Thomas Art. He is proud of his students And likes to see her dancing skills improve.

Lee is also a professional dancer and teacher and choreographer of hip hop, house, dancehall, modern dance, merengue, salsa, jazz, reggaeton, bachata, afro, dembow.

In 2011, Lee Jackson worked for the video game "Michael Jackson: The Experience".

He then appeared on an Italian television channel in November 2012, performing on two of Michael Jackson's most famous songs.
For more information or to workshops, seminars, tutorials, private lessons, performances, related to this style, please use the contact form below.

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