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The Freak Dance Fitness program is a dance - fitness conceived, designed and realized to give life to exciting energetic and effective fitness lessons in order to achieve  a high level of psychological and body workout.

The FreakDance Fitness is identified for its singularity, particularity and specificity and it is based on several basic principles of a circuit class in unison and used harmoniously: by following specific steps, exchanges, movements, attitudes and references with an inexhaustible range of music, rhythms and international dancestyles.

The movements  proposed in FreakDance Fitness lessons are simple to perform: they give the possibility to everyone to train individually and quickly learn any variation of pace or style of dance, with  combined steps within the lesson. The program does not need any dance experience, you simply have to get involved and enjoy the most of the exciting experience of a FreakDance Fitness lesson.


Attend a lesson or an event of Break Dance Fitness is not just training, harden, sculpt your body, move or fun !! But it's a GREAT vital experience, which collects a set of emotions such as to involve those who try it in repeat systematically over time by getting involved and drag through storm rhythms, melodies and harmonies linked to the individual pieces of music in the lesson / event.

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